10 Benefits of Using Digital Signage at Your Next Event

By Suzzane Ravitz, Smart City’s Digital Marketing Manager at the San Diego Convention Center and Mark Thompson, Smart City’s Digital Marketing Manager at the Orange County Convention Center

In the ever-changing meeting and convention landscape, exhibitors and show managers should be on top of industry trends. They have to be able to quickly deploy the latest event technologies and implement new ways to capture attendee attention and enhance user engagement. Here are a few reasons why using a cohesive digital signage network can help make your event a success:

  1. Digital signs enhance attendee experience with immediate impression and show that your event is modern and current.
  1. Digital signage allows flexible scheduling to show different messages throughout the lifetime of the show. Planners can also implement total event immersion by having the same message on all locations, or utilize localized content zones. Additionally, messages can change and update automatically without constant supervision.
  1. Digital signs improve customer service by providing attendees the relevant information when they need it.
  1. Many attendees today prefer digital channels of communication over non-digital ones. Digital signage lets you cater to those visitors.
  1. It’s easy to design new digital sign content with templates and custom graphics. You won’t have to hire a graphic designer to help.
  1. Digital signs attract more attention than static banners by using high-definition motion graphics and videos.
  1. Digital signs are better for the environment – they reduce paper waste.
  1. Digital signage offers show management opportunities for increasing revenues through sponsorships and exhibitor sales.
  1. It’s important to get noticed. Increase traffic by advertising booth location or other important information on digital displays seen by attendees at key locations.
  1. Digital signage and social media are a great match. Integrate social media and gamification strategy by using digital signage.