A Message From Keith McNeely: It’s the People

Keith McNeely

Keith McNeely, our General Manager at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, has been a staple of Smart City Networks literally since before the beginning. That’s not an exaggeration. He celebrates his 45th anniversary with us this year and will retire at the end of 2024. He has had a monumental career and as he takes one final well-earned victory lap, he wanted to share some of his thoughts and reflect on his long journey with Smart City:

Henry B. Gonzalez Team - 2024

It’s the people

A proverb of the Maori people in New Zealand is: What is the most important thing in the world? He Tangata He Tangata He Tangata

It’s the people it’s the people it’s the people

The constitution of the United States starts with We the People, when I heard my friend Abraham Lincoln speak at Gettysburg he talked aboutgovernment of the people, by the people, for the people. The third business principle at Smart City Networks is It’s the people.

So, who are the people and why are they so important?

The people are us, every customer, every team member, every family member, we are all the people. Many of the people served our country so that we may be free. If people are the utmost important thing in the world, then we are the greatest quality that Smart City has. We are Smart City, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Over the last 40 years I have seen our team members across the country dedicate their lives to not only Smart City but to our customers. Leaving their families and traveling wherever needed and working countless hours to ensure the people are taken care of. Working weekends, holidays, and even working 2 days straight without going home. Who does that? The people at Smart City do!

The longevity of our people, says a great deal about the company, and the people. It demonstrates the dedication of our team members. We have 16 team members with 20 years or more with the company, and here they are: Bob Sutton 48 years, Dave Nagel 35 years, Henry De La Rosa 29 years, Adrian Juarez 29 years, Vanessa Cauthen 29 years, Julia Slocombe 26 years, Kevin Patch 25 years, Joe Melancon 25 years, Gregory Smith 24 years, David Langford 23 years, Chris Wharry 22 years, Dennis O’Gara 22 years, Tim Wortman 21 years, Michael Prosser 22 years, Michael Newton 21 years, and Eleazar Martinez 20 years. That is 421 years of experience between 16 team members.

It is also important to note that 30 years ago Jim Pearson and Marty Rubin believed in us, and trusted in us when they purchased the company. They had a vision of what we could be at Smart City, and we thank you.

The people at Smart City are what put us ahead of any competitor. After 40 years of experience, we are the best of the best. I believe no one does it better.

The one thing I will miss the most when I retire is the people at Smart City. Thank you for being a part of my life for so many years.

Onward Ho!

Thanks to Keith McNeely for sharing his story! For more Smart City Spotlights, check out our home page!

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