Anaheim Convention Center Receives an Update

Wiring at the Anaheim Convention Center received a much-needed update. During the 6-month long project that started November of 2019, Smart City oversaw the installation of 144,000 feet of new network cable which is 27.27 miles of new cable throughout the convention center! While the project was temporarily halted due to COVID-19 restrictions for several weeks, the Smart City team was able to jump right back into the upgrades, proving teamwork does make the dream work. 

A strict schedule was established for the upgrade of the Anaheim Convention Center’s upgrade during the COVID-19 pandemic and showed where the installation team would be working on any given day. Installers were limited to one entrance, one set of bathroom facilities, and one pathway to the outside for breaks. The in-house convention center staff were notified not to enter those work areas while the team was there, ensuring that social distancing was adhered to. Upon work completion in each area, the convention center then sent cleaning staff back in to sanitize the areas for future use.  

The cabling at wall jack locations for wired network access throughout the building consisted of twenty-year-old Category 5 twisted pair cabling. These cables were not capable of handling today’s network speeds of a Gigabit (1,000,000,000 bits per second) transfer speeds. The building had 373 cables for use by convention center event staff and attendees. The contract was to increase from 373 to 650 cables at 325 different locations with an additional 100 new data jack locations, at the Anaheim Convention Center during the upgrade. With the convention center now equipped with 100 new locations of data jacks that were installed, being able to meet the regular requests for computer stations set up by event management. The new cabling allows for quicker responses while offering greater flexibility in how they configure their check-in stations, concierge, and ticket counters. Increasing the event experience for everyone. 

Smart City Networks is a member in good standing in Belden’s Partner Alliance program. As such, Smart City will provide a Manufacturer’s complete 25-year parts and labor warranty for this installation. If anything goes wrong with the cable or connectors for 25 years, Smart City and Belden will repair it. Further cementing our relationship with the Anaheim Convention Center, we look forward to working together and bringing fast, reliable internet services to each show that comes through the convention center. 


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