Convention Centers Continue to Serve Communities

Smart City team members nationwide extend our support for those impacted by the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency.

Obviously, convention centers are not holding events, but that does not mean they have shut down. Many convention centers across the country are supporting their communities in COVID efforts by providing sheltering to help displaced individuals maintain social distancing, placement for those needing isolation during recovery and Coronavirus testing sites. The foundation of convention centers is public service and they continue to demonstrate that during this challenging time.

Smart City is honored to be a part of an industry that is community focused. As a partner to over 40 convention centers across the nation, community is at the core of our business because our teams live in the communities that we serve.

“Smart City is a national organization, but our roots are in each and every community we operate in.” President Mark Haley, “We are proud to see such dedication to the public.”

We understand the precautions and recognize the safety of our teams and clients is our first priority. However, we are committed to the continued delivery of our standard of customer service and are eager to get back to the business of providing event technology solutions to improve conventions and tradeshows.  

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