Smart City to Join Corning’s NPI Program

Smart City has been invited by Corning Incorporated, the premier manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cable, to join the elite Network of Preferred Installers (NPI) program. The NPI program incorporates an exclusive membership of companies trained to the Corning installation method and best practice standards. To qualify for the NPI program, a Smart City candidate at each of the centers will train and become certified as a Corning Fiber Optic Installer (CFI) and a single candidate as a Corning Fiber Optic Network Designer (CFD). With the combination of certifications and participation in other NPI requirements, Smart City will be elevated as an Expert Level NPI.

A feature of the Expert Level NPI is the ability for Smart City to offer a 25-year warranty on parts and installation of Corning Fiber Optic Networks. The issuance of this 25-year warranty extends beyond in-house labor. As an Expert Level NPI, Smart City is qualified to extend warranty coverage on supervised projects executed by contractors as well. Furthermore, Smart City will be entitled to the engineering resources at any time during a project for guidance or advice. Joining the exclusive membership of Corning’s Network of Preferred Installers will allow Smart City to excel to the next level. This program will allow Smart City to continually improve upon our existing process and also provide a reliable warranty and peace of mind to Smart City customers.

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