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At Smart City Networks, the emphasis is always on the user experience. Our team constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that exhibitors, attendees, and our administrative clients all have the ability to communicate with the most up-to-date technology services on the market. That is why we have been so excited to introduce Smart City’s Hosted Voice Solution across the nation at our partnered convention centers. Hosted Voice is a cutting-edge telecommunications platform designed to replace outdated PBX systems with a cloud-based VOIP solution that provides crystal-clear call quality, user-friendly features, and unparalleled integration to better adapt to the demands of a modern marketplace.  

George R. Brown Local Team

After successful launches at I-X Center in Cleveland, Events DC in Washington D.C., and even our corporate office in Las Vegas, we were ready for more Hosted Voice implementation nationwide. Most recently we completed the installation of our Hosted Voice Solution for Houston First, the organization responsible for promoting tourism in the city of Houston and managing the city’s premier convention, arts, and entertainment venues. The project included the installation of over 600 phones throughout seven different properties managed by the Houston First Corporation, including George R. Brown Convention Center, Wortham Theater, Jones Hall, Miller Outdoor Theater, and Partnership Tower, all simultaneously.  

This project required our team to test functionality for weeks to ensure the system was ready for our launch time. This installation switched Houston First’s system from a traditional phone line to an internet line, so the team had to install additional internet jacks throughout each facility to ensure they could handle deployment. Because of its cloud-based setup, an internet connection is all that’s needed to maintain successful business continuity. By the time it was operational, techs were situated all over the city, covering more than 15 city blocks, working together to get the system online successfully without any downtime. It was an enormous undertaking that will positively impact the entire downtown Houston First community and keep them at the forefront of the latest technology trends.  

Hosted Voice

The switch to Smart City’s Hosted Voice Solution is one of the most cost-effective decisions that Houston First could have made. Outdated PBX telephone systems require more expensive maintenance the older they get, resulting in weaker, less efficient communication. Our Hosted Voice Solution reduces capital investment by 75-90% while streamlining operating expenses. With this product, the emphasis is on availability, integration, and accessibility. Its design offers a vast number of new features that will increase the end-user’s productivity. Because this is a cloud-based service, it doesn’t matter if your team works from home or halfway around the world. We will make sure everyone stays connected no matter what and each user has the tools to communicate effectively and efficiently.  

Smart City would like to give a special shoutout to our Corporate Network Operations Center and Smart City’s local team in Houston, who worked to make this launch a complete success. Their expertise and commitment helped the process immensely, and we congratulate everyone involved on a job well done. We look forward to more Hosted Voice installations in the future! 

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