Smart City Networks’ Felix Windt wins award at Mikrotik technology conference

Smart City Networks Systems Administrator Felix Windt, won the “Best Presentation” award at this year’s USA Mikrotik User Meeting (MUM) for his presentation on Customizing Hotspot Deployments.

MUM is a user meeting for users of Mikrotik hardware and software that takes place several times a year on different continents, and once a year in the US . This conference enables users to ask questions, listen to presentations, talk to specialists, and see technology demonstrations by the vendor as well as other users. The MUMs conference begins with official training classes and ends with product certification.

For this event Mikrotik usually sends 10 staff members, as well as multiple resellers and added value contributors, and between 300 and 500 of their users. MUMs’ location varies every year, but is usually focused on areas with a strong representation of Wireless Service Providers (WISPs). This year MUMs’ audience, consisting mostly of network and systems administrators that are directly involved with configuring Mikrotik hardware and software, grew to over 400 attendees, a record for the conference.

This year, Smart City Networks sent 3 members of their Network Operations Center team (NOC) to attend this conference including: Ron Shaul, Director of Technology Development, and Systems Administrators Felix Windt and Jeremiah Peterson, all of whom attended training and received their certifications on Mikrotik hardware and software (MTCNA). While at this event, members of our NOC team gained knowledge of where and how to properly use Mikrotik routers, new plans for enterprise routing applications, as well as innovative ways and strategies to get the most out of these products.

Mikrotik devices permit our customers access to our wireless networks. These devices form captive gateways that permit the users to enter credentials on a log-in page. Depending upon the scenario, network users can purchase access to the network via credit card (Instant Internet, Exhibitor Internet) or by way of prepaid credentials (NetBasic, NetExpress). In the case of a show manager (building manager) purchasing a wireless buyout for an event, the Mikrotik device controllers are used to limit/restrict the amount of bandwidth users receive to only the Internet. These devices assist show management by redirecting users to the sponsor’s web page.

In representing Smart City, Felix was asked by Mikrotik to host a presentation on Customizing Hotspot Deployments. Felix’s presentation focused on the challenges of customizing and modifying default deployments and offered solutions necessary to provide wireless coverage for large events. At the end of each MUM conference, Mikrotik presents the coveted “Best Presentation” award to one of the presenters. This year, Felix won that award for this presentation on Customizing Hotspot Deployments.

Smart City Networks actively participates in industry testing and development. Taking part in the progressive technology industry is an example of our commitment to continuous process improvement as well as our steady efforts to develop custom solutions for our customers.

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