July was an exciting month for not just Smart City, but the event and tradeshow industry as well as were able to participate in two events that are working on how to move forward with events post-COVID-19. This ‘new normal’ of the event sphere may take a little getting used to, but we are excited for what the future of events can bring. Smart City Networks is eagerly learning how we can support both physical and virtual attendees.

Smart City had partnered with Prestige Audio Visuals in support of the Duke Energy Convention Center’s “Hybrid Events – Confusing Possibilities Made Simple”. This was a presentation of how a Hybrid Event can be a viable alternative for hosting events during the COVID-19 pandemic. The primary goal was to educate clients and planners on what options are available for holding events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smart City General Manager, Arnold Chavez, Duke Energy Convention Center Cincinnati. “Throughout the Tri-State, Cincinnati is meeting, virtually, in-person and a combination of the two. These hybrid events are new to most of us and can appear to be a bit unnerving. Let us help you have an understanding of how a Hybrid Event isn’t that much different than the event that you are familiar with. What better way to help clients and planners have an understanding of Hybrid Events than with a Hybrid Client Event? Enjoy yourself, ask some questions, and let us help you tackle specific questions and problems about your event. That’s what we’re here for. It’s what we love to do, and it’s how we are going to help you have your next great event in Cincinnati.”

During the event, traditional meeting elements were combined with virtual capabilities and live interaction for all attendees, both remote or on-site. A tight webinar-style program introducing Cincinnati Event Planners with solutions for events moving forward. Mixed-format live breakouts for every interest and participation level was conducted shortly after the main event. These breakout sessions were recorded and are available on-demand for future viewing.

The event was a big success attended live and online several clients and planners giving them a glimpse of what events could look like in this time of COVID-19. 

On July 24th our Orlando Orange County Convention Center participated in the Together Again Expo, an event that hopes to deliver safety, information on how to move forward with live events. How are they delivering safety?

One of the many event industry leaders in attendance was Smart City Network’s National Event Development Manager, Mark Thompson. “Smart City Networks was proud to participate as both a sponsor and exhibitor at Together Again Expo held at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. The Expo was a convergence of industry leaders and innovators sharing new approaches to help create smart and secure spaces. The event in and of itself was a demonstration that with focus, the reopening of the events industry can be done safely.  Our local team exhibiting shared their content at being back in the space and reuniting with customers and industry partners.”

As the event industry is working towards having safe, Smart City has been working on network solutions to aid physical and virtual events moving forward. We are all in this together, let’s keep moving forward.