November: Smart City’s Month of Service

November isn’t just another month for Smart City and our team members across the country at our 43 centers. Smart City has dubbed November as our “Month of Service.” Admittedly, 2020 was tough on many of us, but our team members did not let us down in the least bit. They went out and volunteered, and in a big way.

We have Tammera Clark that volunteers every week at a local food pantry from our corporate office that services more anywhere from 800-1500 families a week. That is not a small task; we are thankful and proud of Tammera’s drive to serve the people in need in Las Vegas.
Sarah Finnegan, also from our Las Vegas Headquarters, spent her Thanksgiving holiday helping the FABC, a non-profit organization outside of Las Vegas. They needed extra hands in their office, putting together paperwork and items that they needed to get into place for a COVID grant.

Donna Kacmarcik, our Customer Sales and Service Manager in San Diego, has been working with the Humane Society. Like many on our team, Donna doesn’t just help once a year. She helps as often as she can to help with animals. She collected 150 pounds of items to donate to her local Humane Society and help get the things that they so badly needed for the animals they have in their facility.

Julia Slocombe, our Vice President of West Operations, assisted and delivered We Care Packages for the Meals on Wheels programs in Chula Vista, CA. She found a need for personal items for seniors that are considered vulnerable to COVID in her community. She assembled the kits in her home. While the rising cases of COVID in Julia’s area, some of the seniors are unable to get these items for themselves. These packages included things that had crosswords, dish towels, potholders, pens and pencils, stamps, down to necessities like soaps and other toiletries. Thank you, Julia, for helping the seniors in your community!

Director of Northwest Operations, Jim Snook, worked with the Kiwanis of Bainbridge Island. Together they worked on their annual holiday wreath project. This year wreaths were purchased and donated to area families. Money raised will support various projects designed to help children and their families. Additionally, Jim was able to donate some high demand items through Goodwill like office and home furniture. Goodwill works to enhance the community by eliminating barriers and challenges by offering low-cost items and programs to help the community members learn and reach their full potential.

These are just a few of the many members of our team that is making us proud. Even though we are in a pandemic, they are volunteering, making people smile, and helping the best way they can. Pushing positivity and kindness throughout the community. As our motto states, “In a Hectic World, we provide peace of mind.”