Orange County Convention Center continues to Serve the Community

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) continues to demonstrate its dedication to their community during these challenging times.

Over a month ago, emergency management began utilizing the Orange County Convention Center outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, as a testing site. The center started conducting nearly 250 Coronavirus tests a day and are now equipped to administer 750 free tests every day. To protect the healthcare workers administering the tests, walk-ups are not allowed, people are asked to stay in their vehicle for the test to be administered through the window.

The OCCC implemented rigorous cleaning and sanitation measures to enhance daily routines that ensure a clean and healthy environment across the campus. The introduction of innovative solutions, such as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) light to their onsite preparedness plan kills bacteria, germs and viruses, like the Coronavirus; to sanitize offices, meeting rooms and restrooms throughout the OCCC. The Center is prepared to take extra precautions for as long as necessary to inspire confidence within the community and among clients, attendees and guests.

We are impressed by the innovative and prolific efforts of the Orange County team. Our best response to this situation is to collaborate with the realization that we are working towards the same goals. While safety and recovery are the first priority, we are eager to get back to the business of providing event technology solutions to improve conventions and tradeshows. 

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