San Diego Convention Center to offer free WiFi

Beginning Feb. 1, the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif., will provide free WiFi service in the facility’s public areas, including Tides Restaurant and lobbies A through H.

The new free WiFi service provides guests attending events the ability to check email or surf the web in the public areas of the San Diego Convention Center, outside of the exhibit floor, where attendees tend to congregate and get online most.

“More people are carrying smart devices that connect to WiFi than ever before,” said Mark Haley, president of Smart City Networks. “We wanted to offer customers visiting the San Diego Convention Center a level of complimentary Wi-Fi service that would enable them to complete their routine tasks, like checking email or surfing the web, easily for free.”

“The needs of our clients and their attendees are always changing, particularly their use of technology which has grown exponentially,” said Carol Wallace, president and CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation. “We are pleased to have worked with Smart City Networks to create a free WiFi service that allows customers to stay connected on-the-go.”

For users with more advanced connectivity needs which require more speed or bandwidth, upgraded WiFi options will still be available for purchase.

Since 2000, Smart City Networks has provided the event technology services at the San Diego Convention Center. With offices and staff on property, Smart City Networks oversees the provision and maintenance of both wired and wireless Internet services throughout more than 2.6 million gross square feet of convention space and public spaces.


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