Santa Clara Convention Center continues to Serve the Community

While convention centers are not holding events, they continue to serve communities during these unprecedented circumstances and Smart City is supporting their efforts with technical support and telecommunications services.

In March, the Santa Clara Convention Center (SCCC) participated in multiple initiatives to provide meals to their community. The City of Santa Clara designed a meal distribution plan to help seniors stay in their homes and reduce risk but still receive daily meal necessities. The convention center and Levy Restaurants worked fast to prepare and package 284 nutritious meals as firefighters distributed them to seniors all over the city. In addition to the senior meals, the SCCC and Levy partnered with the City of Santa Clara and the Parks and Recreation Department to provide 12,000 meals for 3,000 local children. 

More recently, the Santa Clara Convention Center has been transformed into one of California’s first field respite centers with doctors, nurses, paramedics and pharmacists, and resource to care for 250 patients, if needed. The National Guard delivered beds, supplies, and medicine, while Smart City is providing the telecommunication services required for these brave workers to do their jobs. The field hospital at the convention center focuses on treating patients that do not require intensive care, giving patients the ability to recuperate in a safe setting while still sheltering in place.

The supportive and resilient efforts of the SCCC team in these difficult times is nothing short of impressive. This continued collaboration towards our common goals is the embodiment of our industry. While safety and recovery are the first priority, we are eager to get back to the business of providing event technology solutions to improve conventions and tradeshows.