Smart City Adapts to Support COVID-19 Efforts

The foundation of the convention center industry is public service and centers across the nation continue to demonstrate that during this challenging time. Our partner facilities are supporting their communities in COVID efforts by providing sheltering to help displaced individuals maintain social distancing, placement for those needing isolation during recovery, meal programs, and Coronavirus testing sites.

Smart City is adapting services to deliver technology solutions to partner facilities supporting COVID efforts. On-site personnel are doing anything from assisting hospital IT staff in deploying equipment all the way to providing wireless and wired networks for the city, military and medical responders. While our corporate teams are monitoring and maintaining the wireless and wired networks in each facility, to ensure service and connectivity. Our telecommunications infrastructure allows medical and emergency response personnel to stay in contact during these critical times.

Our local teams continue to deliver technical support for any issues that may arise. Immediate response to and resolution of problems is a critical operating procedure for Smart City to provide the standard of service response teams need to deliver help to our communities.

“As the exclusive technology partner to over 40 convention centers across the nation,” said Mark Haley, President of Smart City Networks. “It is a top priority for us to keep emergency response teams and those affected connected when it matters the most.”

Smart City has experience in responding to crises for FEMA. During recovery efforts after hurricanes Harvey, Katrina and Ike, partner facilities were used as shelters where Smart City supplied WiFi and deployed telephones, internet drops, and power drops to meet the needs of city officials and emergency response teams, in addition to flood victims.

Through prosperity and challenges, we are committed to the continued delivery of our standard of customer service. Our local and national teams are eager to get back to the business of providing event technology solutions to improve conventions and tradeshows.  

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