Smart City Celebrates Successful 2017 ISTE Conference

In a hectic world, we provide peace of mind®. With the Smart City motto comes a promise to deliver quality services and expertise in event telecommunication and technology solutions.  Our teams work tirelessly across the country to deliver on this commitment.  Most recently, Smart City delivered on this promise for the 2017 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX.

Our primary goal is to make sure that the delivery of technology solutions isn’t another concern to add to that list. To provide peace of mind, you first have to listen to what the customers’ needs are. In the case of ISTE, the show management team requested a robust wireless network throughout the entire convention center to support over 20,000 attendees.  With this application came the expectation of timely installation and functioning service. They wanted us to test our network, with their onsite participation, two months before the event moved into the facility. Also, they wanted us to create a server in our private cloud and generate a 10 GB file so we could create at least 2 GB of traffic across our wireless network in San Antonio.

The second step in providing peace of mind is to determine what needs to happen for you to provide the requested services. In this case, we had to order two 10 GB circuits from separate local providers in San Antonio. We had to add additional networking equipment in the MDF and additional edge switches throughout the facility. In addition, our team installed 350 additional access points beyond the hundreds already permanently installed in the building! As part of planning logistics, we also had to determine labor requirements and work with other Smart City partner facilities across the country to bring additional team members in to ensure we completed this project successfully.

The third step is to deliver on the customers’ request. In this case, show management and the Smart City Technology department met in San Antonio to test our network with the local team. During the move-in of the event, we tested the wireless network to see if we could generate 2 GB of traffic. With the assistance of ISTE show management, the City of San Antonio, and the entire Smart City team, we were able to generate more than 2 GB of traffic four times during the testing period…Topping out at 7 GB!

We are proud of our successes at the 2017 ISTE event in San Antonio. The event was a home run for all parties involved.  The feedback from our clients speaks for itself:

“Smart City delivered the best ISTE Conference network to date” – Ryan Roberts, Owner of Gather Networks

“The emphasis that your SC team put on service delivery, responsiveness, and reliability resulted in one of their most successful conventions ever. Congratulations to you and the entire Smart City team, and thank you for this outstanding performance as our partner.” – Michael Sawaya, Executive Director Convention and Sports Facilities for the City of San Antonio

Thank you to everyone involved in making this year’s ISTE event a huge success!

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