Smart City Installs Wireless Network in Record Time

New Wireless Network Designed and Installed in 4 Weeks


Smart City Networks, the nation’s leading event telecommunications, and technology services provider for the convention industry, completed a complete overhaul of the Hawai’i Convention Center’s data and wireless capabilities in 27 days, an industry record.

“This project under normal circumstances would have required three to four months to plan, purchase and receive components, contract construction, install equipment, configure, test, and deploy,” noted Smart City Networks President Mark Haley. “Our team worked tirelessly to meet this record deadline and this serves as an example that our organization is ready and able to meet our partners’ needs.”

Smart City completed the project, assumed control of the facility’s network services and became fully operational just four weeks after being hired. This project includes design and installation of 100 new access points with antennas, 29,000 feet of Category 6 networking cable, and 11 sets of patch panels, connectors and other hardware and supporting components.

“Smart City has been a tremendous partner and the Hawai‘i Convention Center is proud to be working with such a fine organization,” commented Jennifer Nakayama, director of operations at the Hawai’i Convention Center. “Their emphasis on elevating service levels to our event clients and building staff shows their commitment to being proactive, as well as their alignment with the Hawai‘i Convention Center goals of putting the customer first.”

Smart City ordered and took delivery of the 100 access points for the network which was designed by the company’s wireless engineering team. The organization’s facilities on the mainland collected Core Network Equipment and 20 Edge Switches and shipped it to the company’s headquarters in Las Vegas, where network engineers configured and shipped the components to Oahu. Four lifts were rented and delivered to the Convention Center for the network installation to take place.  A crew of 5 technicians and one foreman oversaw the physical installation of the Access Points and category six cabling.  This crew installed it all in under two weeks.

“We took great measures to not only commission this equipment and get it operational in a fraction of the time most other companies would require, but also to set up network addresses and services to the convention center’s permanent tenants early in the process,” David Langford, Smart City’s vice president of technology said. “Our goal is always to help the in-house venue partners keep their businesses operational and minimize any downtime as we upgrade their systems.  Additionally, Smart City expanded the IPv4 capabilities by adding IPv6 capabilities as well.”

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