Smart City Networks and Business Continuity

Smart City Networks takes a broad approach to service continuity, including potential effects of an outbreak such as COVID-19.  While there is currently no foreseen impact to Smart City’s network and administrative operation of our services, we wanted to provide some detail regarding our preparedness should the situation change.  

Specific to COVID-19, we are providing an outline of key preparedness activities to ensure continued service delivery during this event. The three areas of focus during any situation that challenges normal operations are as follows:

  • Impact to systems – does the situation have a potential impact on our systems used to deliver and support events?
  • Impact to location – are the locations from which we deliver and support events affected and what is our response?
  • Impact to people – are we prepared should there be impact to the individuals responsible for delivering local service to our customers?

While the following provides the high-level efforts in each of these areas, there are significantly more activities that relate to our business continuity efforts at Smart City that are beyond the scope of this communication.

Impact to systems
First and foremost, there are no known impacts to Smart City systems.  Heightened awareness is in place for the following areas:

  • Service scale and operations – Smart City has built our systems and services with redundancy in mind. Corporate assets are built on redundant platforms with multiple paths to the internet as well as provided with triple redundancy for power. In the event of an issue we have the capability to migrate our critical systems to an alternate cloud provider or restore from our multi-layer backup infrastructure.
  • Supporting systems – Our systems are built to allow us to manage them from the corporate office or remotely from anywhere in the US. 

Impact to field locations
Our services are designed for remote administration; however, the most severe impact of the COVID-19 Virus could result in the entire local staff of Smart City operations to be quarantined. If this worst-case scenario occurred, we wanted to provide specific details around support of the convention center should local staff be constrained to work from home.

  • Smart City employs a centralized approach to administering events and their service orders.  Our AESOP ordering system can be accessed remotely from any location with an internet connection.
  • Smart City maintains multiple geographic locations with individuals who are capable of accessing and managing service orders for any event in a Smart City location.
  • We are implementing a “clean room” in specific convention center locations with a stockpile of supplies and equipment to service an event in case normal storerooms are compromised because of the virus. 

As the nation’s leading communications provider to convention centers and hospitality venues, we have the capability of ensuring continued operations with multiple subject matter experts in each discipline, with geographic diversity being a consideration.

  • Employees responsible for managing the services locally have access to needed resources and are able to take action from home or the office.
  • Nationwide personnel are available to dispatch to any location that may be compromised because of the virus and corporate monitoring allows for sustained support of all networks and systems.
  • While Smart City puts the safety and well-being of its employees at the forefront, our proactive and strong defensive approach is expected to allow for uninterrupted service operation should the virus spread.

Further Questions
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the information above. This health emergency is unprecedented compared to other natural disaster responses that we have seen in the past. Rest assured that we at Smart City are thinking through each potential scenario to ensure that we are able to deliver services at each venue without interruption.

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