Smart City Networks and Microsoft enter into operating agreement on Internet connectivity standards for future events

Agreement ensures all Microsoft events receive standardized operations and service

Smart City Networks and Microsoft have entered into a first of its kind operating agreement that ensures Microsoft events will receive seamless and standardized services and support at facilities that work with Smart City.

Microsoft hosts multiple large-scale events across the country every year, including the Worldwide Partner Conference, Convergence and Microsoft Tech Ed. These events typically have a higher level of connectivity requirements and attract thousands of very tech-savvy attendees.

The agreement with Smart City Networks ensures that all Microsoft events will have a standardized level of connectivity and service, such as at least 500 megabits (Mbs) of bandwidth and fully redundant circuitry, at a Smart City facility. Plans for connectivity needs of any Microsoft event will already be known in advance, eliminating the need to negotiate event-specific connectivity contracts, and Smart City will be prepared to meet Microsoft’s technical requirements.

“Microsoft events are marquee events that provide a huge economic impact to the host cities,” said Mark Haley, president of Smart City Networks. “Yet, these events are big and complex to execute successfully. We are pleased to finalize this agreement, ensuring any Smart City facility will be ready to host a Microsoft event and provide the high level of networking, bandwidth and circuit redundancy that they require.”


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