Smart City Networks Announces New Promotions Amidst Corporate Restructuring

LAS VEGAS (August 4, 2022) – Smart City Networks would like to announce the following promotions within our organization. As our industry returns to normal, we evaluated our present and future needs and enacted a corporate restructuring to better reflect how we want to grow our business to reach new, exciting heights. With these changes, we believe Smart City will continue to be a leading voice in the telecommunications industry. The following promotions are effective immediately.

  • Dennis O’Gara – Senior Vice President of Operations and Products & Services
  • Julia Slocombe – Senior Vice President of Operations and Industry Relations
  • Jen Way – Director of Products and Services
  • Sarah Finnegan – Director of Marketing and Quality Assurance
  • Shawn Lowery – Director of Operational Projects

The past 2 years presented numerous challenges for our management team in terms of working in an unprecedented time, but we want to applaud all the hard work and dedication during that difficult period to get to where we are today. As we continue to adapt to the new normal, we believe these new changes will benefit our company and have a positive impact on Smart City’s position in our industry.