Smart City Networks begins Tampa Convention Center operations ahead of schedule

National communications provider hosts successful IBM event

Mark Haley, president of Smart City Networks, the nation’s leading communications provider for convention centers and hospitality venues, announced today the company successfully began operations at the Tampa Convention Center (TCC) in Tampa, Fla. almost two weeks ahead of schedule.

Smart City, which was recently awarded an exclusive two-year communications contract with the TCC, was scheduled to begin operations on May 18. However, due to an immediate need to prepare for the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 event, scheduled on May 12 to 15, the company moved its time frame up to ensure the success of the event for its new venue partner.

“Our team came together, and we were able to offer full-facility wireless, we ensured that all meeting spaces were equipped with the necessary connectivity, and our whole team was on-hand to assist with any other needs as they came up,” said Mitchell Hughes, Smart City’s general manager at the TCC. “IBM was extremely happy, and thanks to this event, we’ve already established a great working relationship with the TCC.”

Hughes and his team, consisting of Ivan Gutierrez, a technician, and Jackie Gonzalez, a customer sales and service representative, were assisted by additional members of Smart City’s network of experts. Team members flew into Tampa from the company’s Cincinnati office, as well as from their home-base of operations in Las Vegas. Together, the team began the process of setting up reliable communications for the event on May 7.

“What we saw in Tampa is the key strength of our network of team members and proprietary processes,” said Haley. “Our venue partner, the TCC, had a vital need for immediate communications services, and I’m proud to say we were able to bring together the right resources in a short time frame in order to deliver a successful event for IBM.”

Further implementing Smart City’s network of individuals and technology are the next steps for Hughes and his team. Smart City plans to strengthen the TCC’s existing network, implement several pieces of Smart City’s own software and technology, and put into place a variety of redundancy systems to prevent loss of connectivity for any wireless users at the venue.

Immediately following the IBM event, Smart City’s Tampa team began preparations for the annual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, which took place May 20 to 22. Currently, the team is preparing for the TCC’s upcoming 15th Annual IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference, while also strengthening the TCC’s communications offerings through the aforementioned technological advancements.


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