Smart City Networks Completes National System Upgrade to Improve Wi-Fi Capacity and Speed Nationwide

Project Improves Convention Experience for Attendees in 39 Convention Centers & Public Venues

Smart City Networks, the nation’s leading telecommunications provider for the convention industry, has rolled out a nationwide upgrade of wireless networking services that will enhance speed and flexibility in wireless offerings at 39 convention centers and other venues managed by Smart City throughout the country.

The system-wide implementation of the MikroTik captive portal included installation of 234 new gateway devices at Smart City facilities, increasing capacity and speed. The upgrade means convention attendees will be able to log in to the gateway at a convention–much like at a coffee shop or airport–quicker than ever before, ultimately allowing them to connect to the internet faster. Previously, this was a challenge for venues where the number of devices on the network could lead to a frustrating experience with the network.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a triple digit increase in the wireless adoption of events,” said David Langford, Vice President, Technology for Smart City. “By investing in this infrastructure, we’re ensuring event attendees can have a multifaceted experience that extends through all their devices, not just their laptops.”

Additionally, the captive portal provides the opportunity for the event to have a custom splash pages that can be sponsored by event exhibitors, increasing revenue for show producers.

The captive portals are also supported with full redundancy, meaning critical components are duplicated to allow maintenance on the system without causing any interruption to service. All 234 gateways were configured in, and are monitored from Smart City’s Network Operations Center Las Vegas.

“This is another illustration of Smart City’s commitment to providing more complex technologic solutions for our clients and industry partners,” Langford said. “This installation will ensure the attendees at our clients’ events have an experience that meets, if not exceeds, all of their expectations.”

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