Smart City Networks Showcases Their Own Brand of Magic at D23 Expo in Anaheim

The Anaheim Convention Center was recently the home to D23, Disney’s Ultimate Fan Event, which is a massive convention that brings people from around the world to celebrate all things Disney fandom. Tens of thousands of passionate Disney enthusiasts, cosplayers, and casual fans descended on the convention center to celebrate their love for cherished characters, buy one-of-a-kind merchandise, interact with fellow Disney fans, get a sneak peek at exciting upcoming projects in their favorite Disney franchises, and so much more.

But as much as the event had fans swept up in that classic Disney magic, the REAL magic was happening behind the scenes. Smart City Networks was on hand to provide their expert services to the event to make sure that D23 ran efficiently and without any major problems. Supplying internet and other services to such a large show is the type of challenge that Smart City loves to tackle. And thanks to our stellar team on the ground at the Anaheim Convention Center, we continued to prove why we’re the leading voice in the telecommunications industry.

At D23, there was a prominent quote from Walt Disney displayed for all the attendees. “I believe in being an innovator.” And while Walt could not have imagined where we’re at in 2022 regarding telecommunications and internet services, his outlook on innovation continues to encourage millions to this day. At Smart City we’d like to believe we’re innovators as well. Innovation allows us to work diligently in the background to make sure everyone in attendance stays online and connected at their guaranteed speeds. Innovation inspires us to ensure every booth and kiosk is wired safely and correctly so exhibitors can operate efficiently. And innovation is what motivates us to work closely with show management to provide a custom and detailed quote that fits the show’s needs to help deliver an unforgettable experience.

For Smart City Networks, success is often measured by how little people know about us. We operate in a position where if everything is running smoothly, then we’re not what our customers are thinking about. And that’s overall okay. It circles back to one of our core business principles regarding providing exceptional customer service and hospitality at every stage of an event or show. At such a massive event like D23, wondering whether the internet is going to work should be the last thing on anyone’s mind, especially with everything else going on. At D23 this year, Disney unveiled a new logo commemorating 100 years of Disney. It’s an incredible achievement and Smart City Networks is honored and proud to have played a small part in this celebration by helping connect the company with its fans during D23.

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