Smart City Networks implements significant technology upgrade at Charlotte Convention Center

Smart City to provide connectivity services for the next decade

The Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, N.C., has awarded Smart City Networks a 10-year contract extension for providing technology services, including high-speed Internet access, telephone services and a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

As the facility’s longtime technology provider, Smart City Networks has undertaken a significant upgrade of the convention center’s wired and wireless Internet network. Smart City has installed improved network cabling and equipment, enhanced the WiFi network throughout the facility to the highest and fastest 802.11n standard and created a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to improve cellular connectivity.

“The technology needs of events are increasing. More people are using smart devices and want to be able to stay connected at a convention or conference,” said Mark Haley, president of Smart City Networks. “We are proud to remain the Charlotte Convention Center’s technology partner and create a new network that offers the highest level of connectivity for its customers.”

The upgrades made to the network will enable Smart City technicians to more easily control the wireless environment and make changes to address capacity needs quickly.

“The network upgrades being done by Smart City will position the Charlotte Convention Center as one of the most technologically equipped event facilities in the nation,” said Ted Lewis, vice president of venues for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. “Customers will come knowing they will have the connectivity they need to power their exhibit or stay in touch with their office.”

Smart City Networks will also continue to provide web casting, web hosting, video conferencing, private network options and custom security solutions at the Charlotte Convention Center. And Smart City will work with facility management to ensure the increased connectivity needs of large events, including the upcoming Democratic National Convention, are met.


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