Smart City Networks Monthly Highlights: April 2023

One of the best parts of working in the hospitality and events industry is seeing such a wide variety of events throughout our centers nationwide. Every month, Smart City Networks likes to take a brief look at a few of the fantastic shows featured at our partnered convention centers and celebrate their success. How would we describe our April? Fiery? Shiny? Creative? Definitely all of the above! Read on to find out more!

FDIC International

Things got heated at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium this month as the world’s biggest firefighter conference took place in April. The event offered thousands of Fire & Rescue professionals a chance to share information, collaborate on new life-saving techniques and products, and develop stronger bonds within the Firefighter community. But it wasn’t all talk! The pictures below are images of drills the firefighters ran during the event, which included setting a car and a helicopter on fire. Unfortunately, we wanted to protect our photographer’s eyebrows, so we didn’t get a chance to take a picture when they were ablaze… but you can see the after results below! Smart City is honored to have assisted with providing technological solutions for the event, and we thank all the Fire & Rescue professionals for all they do for us!


Now for a bit of sparkle! The Jewelers International Showcase Spring Edition returned to Miami in March and lit up the Miami Beach Convention Center with plenty of glitz and glamour. And I know, I’m cheating a bit. This event occurred at the end of last month, not April, but it is such a special event, I had to mention it! It is a gathering where jewelry industry professionals can meet and connect with their suppliers and showcase the latest trends and fashions just in time for the most crucial buying seasons of the year. With milestones like graduation around the corner, prepping for wedding season, and the all-important Mother’s Day looming large on the horizon, it’s essential that our favorite suppliers have the right products! Smart City loves to be part of this event.

Seeing how far-reaching this show can be is always amazing, as it remains the #1 Jewelry Show for the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Being in the hospitality and event industry for so long, we’ve seen a lot of stunning shows across the nation, but JIS will always be one we look forward to. Nothing beats that shine!


CadenceLIVE is a technology conference that brings together users, developers, and industry experts to discuss solutions for today’s design challenges. Attendees were able to connect, share ideas, and, most importantly, spark creativity that will have long-lasting ramifications in the tech industry. This event highlighted user presentations, with guest speakers that included the CEO of Cadence and the CEO of Google Cloud, among others. Collaboration and Teamwork were on full display at this event, and Smart City Networks worked efficiently to ensure the show went perfectly.

Golf Galore!

Let’s end with golf and sponsorships! As the nation’s leading provider of state-of-the-art technology services, Smart City understands the importance of giving back to our local communities. Throughout April, Smart City was thrilled to be a sponsor for two incredible events. The first was San Diego Tourism Authority’s Hospitality Open, and the second was Valley High School’s AOHT’s Golf FORE Dummy’s Charity Golf Tournament in Las Vegas. The proceeds for the Hospitality Open benefited Feeding San Diego, the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, and SDTA’s DEI Tourism Accelerator Program. The Golf FORE Dummy’s tournament helped the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism program and student scholarships. Our executive team even got a chance to play in that one! Two unique events that Smart City was proud to sponsor!

We hope everyone had an amazing April and we look forward to an even better May! To the the top! (And in case you missed them, be sure to check out our previous Month in Review right here!)

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