Smart City Networks Partners with the Miami Beach Convention Center to Complete Multi-Million Dollar Renovations Project

Significant Technology Upgrades to make Miami Beach Convention Center a Premier Convention Location


Smart City Networks has finalized a contract with the Miami Beach Convention Center to provide extensive technology upgrades as a part of their two and half year long, multi-million dollar renovations project.

The agreement, which became effective June 1st, 2018 is on a fast track with final completion scheduled for early September to coincide with the completion of the MBCC’s $620-million-dollar renovation of the facility.  The upgrades, with the partnership of the local internet service provider Hotwire Communications, will include enhanced network cabling speeds and capacities, high-speed internet, and telephone services.

The Miami Beach Convention Center’s new network will have the capabilities to support large-scale data and technology needs of the industry’s most complex events.

“The capabilities of this network upgrade and its unparalleled connectivity is the final piece of the Miami Beach Convention Center’s re-imagine process over the past two and half years” states Dave Anderson, Senior Vice President for Spectra; the convention center’s management firm.

The project includes the following upgrades:

  • A wireless network supporting up to 64, 000 concurrent devices throughout the facility
  • 10 Gigabit fully-redundant internet connection with the ability to provide scaled bandwidth independently within the area of the building and is serviced over a redundant self-healing ring operated by Hotwire Communications
  • Established wireless link using Airfiber ensuring that the connection is triple redundant
  • 20 Gigabit uplinks to each edge switch with failover to 10 Gigabit
  • Built-in internet circuit redundancy that includes secondary circuits and redundant pathways into the facility, designed and supported by Hotwire Communications
  • High-Density Wireless install

Executives of Smart City, which have serviced the Miami Beach Convention Center for over 15 years, share in the excitement.

“Our network design in Miami includes new redundancy features that will ensure flawless performance during the largest and most challenging events,” said Mark Haley, President of Smart City Networks.

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