Smart City Networks Signs Three-Year Extension at the Los Angeles Convention Center

New Upgrades Planned to Prepare LACC for Future Technology

Smart City Networks announced that AEG at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) extended its contract with the company for an additional three years. The contract extension will allow Smart City to provide the necessary upgrades to prepare the venue for future technology.

“Our continued partnership with Smart City enables the LACC to bring the best technology services to our clients and guests, and establishes the facility as a premier event destination,” said Ellen Schwartz, AEG General Manager at the LACC.

The contract extension includes an upgrade to the networking capabilities by Smart City including upgrading the LACC’s wireless infrastructure. The exhibit halls will be updated with new WiFi 5 access points, with significantly increased density. All other areas of the facility will benefit from further WiFi density. Added to this, a new Cisco Wireless LAN controller and it all equals more density, better speeds, and the ability to support more than 375 percent more devices than before the upgrade.

“Over the past five years AEG and L.A. Tourism has increased the number of technology-driven events booked at the facility,” said Julia Slocombe, Vice President of Western Operations at Smart City Networks. “This upgrade and our continued partnership with AEG will position LACC to attract new tech-heavy events to downtown Los Angeles.”

Smart City has served as the convention center’s technology and telecommunications provider since 1988. Since then, the facility’s technology needs have changed dramatically, and Smart City has adapted with them. This extension will allow them to continue this long-running partnership and keep providing the LACC with superior cutting-edge technologies.