Smart City Networks Upgrades Monitoring Capabilities to Enhance Customer Service at U.S. Convention Centers

SolarWinds Orion Platform to Monitor and Analyze Network Performance 24/7

In the latest demonstration of its dedication to delivering exceptional customer service Smart City Networks, the country’s leading telecommunications provider for the convention industry, has announced the installation of a new system that will monitor the networks at 39 convention centers and venues throughout the country in real time, improving reliability and reducing technical support response times.

The new monitoring system, which is powered by the SolarWinds Orion Platform and is custom configured by Smart City to meet the needs of the convention and meetings industry, will enhance a team of engineers at the Smart City Network Operations Center (NOC) in Las Vegas to monitor and analyze the performance of the networks 24/7.

“When there is an issue on the tradeshow floor, we’ll know instantly,” said David Langford, Vice President of Technology for Smart City Networks. “We’ll be able to activate our technical support team immediately to start working on a resolution. This new system will provide peace of mind for our facility partners and for the thousands of meeting and event planners who utilize their facilities each year.”

The new system is in response to a growing demand from facility managers in convention centers and hospitality venues who have been asking for more network capacity and speed to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Conventions and tradeshows have become more interactive and multifaceted, requiring exhibitors and attendees to engage with multiple devices. As the network infrastructure in these facilities has grown, so have the number of elements that need to be monitored.

Langford estimates the number of elements that require monitoring, such as routers, servers, and data access points, has grown by over 200 percent over the past two years, and all indications are that this growth rate will not diminish anytime soon. Langford makes note that these devices are the building blocks to the network’s infrastructure, amongst the things that are “under the hood” in providing outstanding technology services.

The new monitoring system also improves the speed of the reporting time from each element on the network. Previously, the monitoring system was scanning for errors every 10 to 15 minutes. The new system reduces that time by 300 percent, which will allow the NOC team to intervene immediately – something that’s critical during large, high-profile events.

“This implementation reiterates our commitment to our industry partners and the facility managers we work with every day,” said Mark Haley, President of Smart City Networks. “Our job is to make their jobs easier, and we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled technical solutions and service for our customers.”

The installation of the new system is expected to be completed within 3rd quarter of 2017.

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