Smart City President discusses technology trends, future of conventions industry at AIPC

Mark Haley shares insights at international conference

Mark Haley, president of Smart City Networks, the nation’s leading communications provider for convention centers and hospitality venues, presented the company’s outlook of technology’s role in the conventions industry at an industry-expert panel at the AIPC, the International Association of Convention Centres, Annual Conference event in Berlin on July 1.

Throughout his presentation, Haley analyzed primary data developed by both Cisco Systems and the Megatrends 2030 study by the German Convention Bureau, which showed that technology, more than any other factor, was predicted to influence and challenge the meetings industry in the near future.

In his presentation, Haley discussed technology megatrends identified in the study and actions that convention center managers should be taking today to prepare for these new business conditions.

Haley also discussed the components necessary for venues to incorporate new technologies to keep up with demand. He signified the importance of budget considerations when planning for fiber optics, high-density WiFi, cellular coverage and other advancements. He also stressed the need to work with well-qualified personnel in all technological endeavors.

“The digital revolution is the greatest force of change to hit the trade show and convention center industry,” said Haley. “Meeting this challenge requires every venue to rethink their methods of doing business. This is a driving force for Smart City.”

“The AIPC is a great platform for companies like ours to share insight that benefit our industry.”

AIPC is the industry association for professional convention and exhibition center managers throughout the world. The AIPC Annual Conference, hosted each year at an AIPC-member facility, brings together members to consider key industry issues and hear from top professionals in a variety of related fields. The 2014 AIPC event, which took place June 29 through July 2, focused on “megatrends” in the industry from the present through 2030.

Along with Michael Burian of Germany-based Accenture GmbH, Haley participated in a panel that discussed how technology continues to dominate both facility design and client expectations.


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