Smart City Spotlight: Alexus Gammage

Alexus Gammage - SCN

Throughout Women’s Appreciation Month, Smart City strove to hear perspectives from all corners of our company. We spoke with Alexus Gammage, Network Operations Center (NOC) Manager, to learn more about her career journey. Check it out below!

What initially drew you to pursue a career in technology, and how has your journey been in this field so far?

A: Seeing my father and grandmother thrive in their technology-related jobs sparked my interest and curiosity in the field from an early age. This journey has been very exciting and fulfilling. I enjoy what I do everyday and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Can you briefly describe your role as NOC Manager? What does your day-to-day look like?

A: As a NOC manager,  my role involves overseeing various aspects of technology within an organization to ensure efficient operations and effective support. My day to day includes monitoring, reporting, incident response, vendor management and ensuring that team members have the resources necessary to fulfill their job duties.

Can you share a memorable moment or accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of in your role?

A: One of my proudest accomplishments as a NOC manager is successfully building a cohesive and collaborative team. Witnessing the collaboration among team members, resulting in efficient incident resolution and problem-solving, has been immensely rewarding.

What has been your favorite aspect about working in the technology industry?

A: My favorite part about the technology industry is that it’s constantly evolving, presenting new opportunities and challenges which makes everyday incredibly stimulating and rewarding. It presents a fresh opportunity to discover innovative solutions.

In your experience, what are some misconceptions about women in technology?

A: Some common misconceptions about women in technology include the belief that we are less competent or skilled in technical roles and that hiring us is just a way check a diversity checkbox rather than acknowledging our qualifications and contributions.

What role do mentors and professional development play in your career growth as a manager, and have you had any influential mentors?

A: The mentors I’ve had offered guidance, knowledge, and support, assisting me in navigating challenges and making informed decisions. Professional development has allowed for me to enhance my existing skills or learn new ones. Both mentors and professional development help me grow, learn, and succeed in my managerial role. I have had the honor of working with incredible mentors here at Smart City Networks, and they continue to support and guide me.

As NOC Manager, what do you hope to see change or improve in the tech industry in terms of gender diversity and inclusion?

A: An improvement I would like to see is more women in tech-related roles not only because it benefits the industry’s diversity but also because it allows a wider range of perspectives and talents.

Thank you to Alexus Gammage for the interview! For more Smart City Spotlights, check out our blog!

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