Smart City Spotlight: Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels is the Operations Manager for the Seattle Convention Center. Although she’s only been with Smart City Networks for a couple years, she has an extensive work history managing and handling a wide variety of different projects and events. She played a vital role in the set up for SCC’s new Summit building and we thank her for all she does for us! Crystal is amazing, so we decided to catch up with her for this month’s Employee Spotlight!

What first drew you to Smart City?
C: What first drew me to Smart City is the desire to learn more of the in-depth details as to how internet works and how we provide it to our convention customers. I previously worked in the Exhibitor Services Department at the Seattle Convention Center back when it was the Washington State Convention Center, where we were responsible for organizing all services ordered by exhibitors. It was interesting to learn how Smart City would deliver the services to exhibitors.

What does your job entail?
C: My job entails leading and managing the daily operations of show installations, managing and assigning work to Operations Supervisor and Technicians, ensuring completion of installations before show opening as well as testing of installed services, and handling equipment inventory and purchasing of new equipment.

What are some things you’ve enjoyed working on since your first started?
C: One of the things I’ve enjoyed working on is the opening of our new Summit building and installing a network from nothing, as well as the network upgrade to the current building – Arch.

What has been your favorite event that has come through your center and what was your role in them?
C: I enjoy most all the events, but my favorite event would have to be the Northwest Flower and Garden Event, I am always amazed at the time it takes to haul in tons of dirt to build the exhibits and then it only takes one to two days to remove it all. It is an amazing show!

What do you like most about your convention center?
C: The new Summit building! It is absolutely beautiful, and I love how much PNW history was included in the design and creation of the building.

What do you like most about Smart City overall?
C: The opportunities available for growth, the overall feeling of being part of an organization that cares.

Summit’s Grand Opening

What has been your biggest challenge so far in working with Smart City and how have you strived to overcome it?
C: The biggest challenge would be inventory control of the new equipment for the new network at Summit and the network upgrade at Arch. I had to make sure we received the correct equipment and then coordinating the installation. I was able to succeed by being detailed, organized and diligent in tracking down orders.

Have there been any instances you can think of where you’ve used one of our 10 Business Principles in the Workplace?

C: On a daily basis working on events, I try to keep business principle #2 in mind. We strive to continually treat our customers in a kind, professional, and empathetic manner. We understand that our services can be costly, so we work hard at putting ourselves in the customers shoes when it comes to communicating and working with them on their internet order. Because every event is different from the last, we are consistently provided the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life and ensure that we treat them with care throughout the entirety of the event planning process as well as when the event is onsite.

What advice would you give to New Hires who are starting with Smart City?

Crystal Daniels

C: The convention business is not like most industries where you work Mon-Fri 9-5, so it has a learning curve, but with hard work and determination, you will adapt and succeed.

To wrap things up, what is something fun that people don’t know about you?

C: I won the youngest rider award when I was 3, riding in the Saltgrass Trail ride, a weeklong trail ride in Texas for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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