Smart City Spotlight: Jullymey Garces

Smart City’s Event Coordinator at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Jullymey Garces, is a relatively recent hire for our company, but already has made a huge impact. Having started in May of 2022, Jully assists in providing excellent customer service to Show Management and has proven to be a vital member of the Miami Beach team. She is hands-on with Exhibitors, making sure all their needs are met in a timely and orderly manner. As she puts it, “I like to be [Exhibitors’] Aleve tabs first thing in the morning.” And overall, Smart City is grateful for all her hard work and dedication. We caught up with Jully and asked her to reflect on her first year with our company.

What first drew you to Smart City?
J: I was in my final weeks of school for Technical Writing when I fell upon a bit of active research and ran into Smart City Networks. I was completely moved by how expansive Smart City was, yet still [located in] one city. I knew it was a great opportunity for me to get experience in the field while expanding my knowledge alongside great people.

What does your job entail and what are some of the things you’ve enjoyed working on since you first started?
J: I provide tailored customer service to Show Management… all smiles! Exhibitors are my primary focus. I like to be their Aleve tabs first thing in the morning. A lot of them forget or unknowingly underestimate how important internet can be for their event, and my job is to work with them to form a connection and achieve the best results. That said, I enjoy lurking through the Exhibit Hall jungles and the show floor savannah. Picture me like a melanistic jaguar – on the prowl.

What has been your favorite event that has come through your center and what was your role in them?
J: Being that I am new, all events bring me excitement. Rather than favorite, I can tell you one that has been very memorable for me. Miami Plastic Surgery 2022. This was my first event in May, and I had to become [our General Manager] Enric’s shadow. So, on my third day as a Smart City employee, Enric throws me straight into the pit of fire, surrounding me with flames! Although tough, it allowed me to invoke one of Smart City’s key business principles, Speak, Listen, and Respond. I’m grateful that Enric did this as it taught me that listening is only the first step. Responding is just as important and it overall contributes to the quality of the conversation.

What do you like most about your convention center and the surrounding community?
J: Working at the Miami Beach Convention Center is truly funny. Everyone here has a vibrant personality and are quite the comedians. My cheeks end up hurting from all the laughing whenever we are all together. The energy here is best described as a High School Performance Arts Club. We all respect each other for being different. We all act, we all are talented, and we all know our roles.

What do you like most about your job and Smart City overall?
J: There’s a lot! The attitude of cooperation is one of the biggest. We all carry a sense of big-heartedness and concern in providing outstanding customer service. I like how we need to be flexible and creative in all aspects of our job, and I enjoy finding the smarter ways to solve our customer’s problems.

What has been your biggest challenge so far in working with Smart City and how have you strived to overcome it?
J: Challenge to some, but I call it my current mission. My mission is to have a better understanding of who our customers are. How am I striving to overcome it? By asking questions and listening closely to make those connections happen.

Have there been any instances you can think of where you’ve used our 10 business principles in the workplace?
J: I can name several. The principle that I find myself using quite frequently is Think Fast, Move Fast. I expect the unexpected. I organize my thoughts in advance and write down tips so I can remember what needs to be said in order to relay the right information.

Being relatively new to this company, what advice would you give to New Hires who are starting with Smart City?

J: Confidence is everything. Walk confidently into any room or on the floor. Customers will feel that energy and be open to it. They will always respond positively, even if you don’t know what you’re doing and feel a bit lost!

Do you have any future goals in this industry and with Smart City?

J: An industry and a Smart City goal for me is to bring out the engagement spirit for our team’s collective success. I have been exploring and adopting an active approach on social activities within the center. That means making others feel welcomed and to amplify their energy. I want all of us to one day leave a Smart City Imprint on the ground.

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