Smart City: Where Technology Meets Hospitality

Billy Bischof, Manager, Sales & Marketing, Orange County Convention Center

Smart City: Where Technology Meets Hospitality. We pride ourselves on combining these two ideas to forge the best event experience possible for our clients. Recreating the same experience every day takes a unique approach, which I am happy to share with you.

We at Smart City continually look for ways to strengthen relationships and exceed the client’s expectations throughout every aspect of the event process, from planning the actual onsite experience to the post-show wrap-up. We look for ways we can stand out as a trusted partner – by becoming more than just a utility provider – every step of the way.

First and foremost, there is no substitute for a genuinely positive attitude. We take pride in caring for our clients and the outcome of each event as if it were our own. While Smart City delivers on many areas that make an event successful, technology is just one area that can make or break an event. Our customers’ events are becoming increasingly complex, and now more than ever, they rely on a superior Internet experience that delivers flawless connectivity and helps drive their innovative message or product. A genuine commitment to understanding our clients’ vision and mission is invaluable to our process.

We also work to understand the experience as a whole, which helps us know what we’re striving to deliver. Sometimes, it’s just basic connectivity to stay in touch with loved ones or keep up with business back at the office. Other events call for premium connectivity, such as intricate video content, interactive show-related materials, or elements of audience interaction and polling. Whatever the experience, Smart City has a solution to meet those needs and a team dedicated to ensuring we understand and execute on the promises made.

When ServiceNow needed to connect over 10,000 devices to the wireless network for their CEO’s keynote presentation, we were there to architect and deploy a high-density network, as well as augment and deliver a perfectly-engineered experience. When the North American Veterinary Community was transitioning from a smaller hotel footprint to the much larger convention center environment, our Smart City team was by their side every step of the way to ensure their technical success. When The Plastics Show needed to update their committee members on the future of internet technology and how it would affect future NPE events at the Orange County Convention Center, Smart City was there to present and educate them with our insights.  When ACE Hardware needed in-depth statistics about their show’s wireless usage to benchmark for future events, Smart City was there to deliver. These are just a few real-world examples of how intently listening to your clients’ needs, getting creative in your approach, and going the extra mile will result in lifelong, happy customers.

Our clients deserve a world where technology and hospitality are on even footing, working hand-in-hand to ensure we’re all striving towards the same outcome: a successful and memorable event experience.