Smart City’s Latest Pinnacle is Here! Q1 2024

Smart City Networks is thrilled to unveil our latest Pinnacle Issue! This quarter, our theme is “Teams Work,” and we couldn’t be happier to have commemorated Women’s Appreciation Month with our incredible team. Within these pages, you’ll find a dedicated section honoring the remarkable women of Smart City Networks who have played an integral role in shaping our company into what it is today. We are immensely grateful for their contributions and the opportunity to celebrate their achievements.

It was overall a huge quarter for Smart City Networks, and we were excited to host a series of fantastic events throughout our partnered convention centers. Sports made up a large chunk of our events in Q1, and we were honored to help provide services for big events like the College Football Playoff National Championship, the NBA All-Star Game, and a variety of different volleyball tournaments across the country. All of which is highlighted in this issue of our Pinnacle. But that is just a sliver of the exciting stories you’ll find within these pages, so be sure to check it out! You don’t want to miss the Water-Skiing Squirrel right?

As always, we thank our centers for their amazing contributions. We couldn’t do it without them! We also sincerely thank our readers for being part of our journey. Enjoy the read

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