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Cyber Security Checklist for Event Planners

Brian Clear – General Manager, Minneapolis Convention Center Event planners are becoming more and more interested in incorporating the use of technology to improve their attendee’s overall conference experience. Event planners have started to integrate the use of technology to assist with gathering and delivering valuable data. Apps, wearable technology,

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Internet of Things: The Future and its Impact on the Convention Center Industry

By George Cagle, General Manager – Minneapolis Convention Center In today’s technology-driven world, it is a commonplace to see dozens of people interacting with their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even wearable gadgets such as watches or activity-tracking devices. All of these devices encompass a network that gathers and exchanges data

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A Day In the Life of A Tech

By Ryan Stephens-Myles, Smart City Technician, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center During an event, the convention show floor explodes with activity of exhibitors demonstrating their latest products and attendees engaging in the latest and greatest updates. Unbeknownst to many, there is an even greater flurry of Internet traffic flowing throughout

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The Benefits of Internet Technology at Conventions & Tradeshows

By George Cagle, Smart City‘s General Manager at the Minneapolis Convention Center In October of 2010, Apple trademarked the phrase “There’s an app for that.” Today that phrase has never been more true for the convention, events, and meetings industry. Mobile devices and their applications translate to remote badge scanning, indoor

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High Density Wireless

By Kyle Libby, Sr. Network Admin and Mike Hertweck, Wireless Network Admin of Smart City Consumers today consider wireless availability essential to their everyday lives. The movement of wearables and smart devices is rapidly expanding and the demand for those devices to have wireless access is imperative. Many people would

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Network Redundancy

By Joe Melancon, Smart City‘s General Manager at the Washington State Convention Center Many businesses and organizations believe a reliable network is vital for operations; however, what will happen if there is a failure within the network? How much will it cost the company if financial transactions fail to transmit? How much

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