WiFi Excels as Awesome Con Continues to Grow

Washington D.C.’s Awesome Con, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (WEWCC), has become a top pop culture destination convention in just five years, and like all successful events, it requires a reliable WiFi connection for its thousands of attendees.

Managing a wireless network during a large event can be difficult due to the high demand for bandwidth and the thousands of rogue devices people bring with them. Smart City and the WEWCC recently completed a significant upgrade to its wireless networking capacity in the venue. Those upgrades made it possible to improve its complimentary wireless service just in time to handle the unique attendee needs of Awesome Con 2017. During the event, Smart City managed the WiFi services for nearly 9,000 unique users with peak times reaching up to 3,500 active users at once. Exhibitors and attendees spent over 52,000 hours on this service during the event using a total of 1.9 Terabytes of data. That is an average of 213 Megabytes per user. All this happened throughout the three-day event without a single issue.

With Smart City’s reliable WiFi and all-star guests ranging from actor and The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant to Stan Lee himself, Awesome Con 2017 was a huge success for everyone involved. Demanding events such as Awesome Con requires Smart City’s local teams and engineers to step up its game on a daily basis. By understanding the unique technology “personality” of each event, we can deliver personalized wireless solutions that contribute to the event’s overall success.

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